Washing machine repairs

Complete washing machine repairs at competitive prices

Do you hear strange noises when you switch on your washing machine? I can offer cost-effective washing machine repairs and can take care of all your washing machine issues. From drainage issues and damaged hinges to overfilling and power supply problems, I can take care of it all. If your washing machine is slowing down, I am able to diagnose the problem and repair it. Speak to David Wetton for more information.

Questions to ask

1. Does your washer leak?

2. Has the drum stopped turning/spinning?
3. Is the drum full of water?
4. Is the door locked?
5. Is the door seal torn or discoloured?
6. Is it making loud noises?

Reliable repair specialists

Trust David Wetton to take care of all of your washing machine issues. Whether it’s the door locks, wiring, belts, drums, motors or valves of your washing machine which are faulty, I can efficiently repair them. In addition to washing machine repairs, I also offer dishwasher and tumble dryer repairs. Speak to me for further details.

Need professional, affordable washing machine repairs in Rochdale? Call The Washerman in Littleborough